About us

Granitman OÜ offers high quality granite and stone countertops to both, private and bussiness customers in Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Denmark. We have acquired experience with granite, marble and quartz stone since 2008. Our homepage showcases the selection of our works in the gallery. You can calculate the price for your own kitchen and bathroom countertops, windowsills etc.

We offer natural stone material which has chrystallized from magma or has been pressed under a thick layer of sediments during several millions of years, giving them their unique pattern. Thanks to incredible forces of nature these rocks have come near the surface of Earth and it enables everyone to enjoy pieces of natural beauty in their own home. The magmatic stones we have in stock come from different locations from around the world. Our company offers limestone, Carrara marble and the like, and man-made stone from the leading manufacturers in Europe.

In the factory stone slabs are cut into countertops according to clients’ wishes, delivered and installed in short time and in reasonable price. Our products have high quality. We are able to offer the same high-quality granite and marble from the same locations as most of the stone sellers in the market for lower prices due to the fact that there are no resellers between the manufacturer and the client. Therefore we can control our manufacturing processes and the result from the stone cutter’s shop.

You are welcome to look at stone examples in our sortiment and do not esitate to contact us even if you can’t find your desired material among the given examples. The same material might have different names and the colors may vary due to the differences between computer screens. We order the materials missing from our stock. This takes more time, but no more than ordering kitchen cabinets in general.

There is a price calculator on the homepage which helps to calculate the cost of countertops, compare prices of different materials easily. It is possible to contact us for more information. We will get in touch shortly. If your cabinets have been installed, then our worker will come and take the measures. There is a possibility to use client’s drawings. We promise that the stones will be ready for installation within ten days after the order has been sealed by our client.