Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order the products?

You can order either straight from the price calculator or through the contct form. Our staff will contact you immediately and specifies the details, gives required information, and schedule a suitable time for measuring.

How much can the price be changed after the final price?

Our price calculator gives and estimated price, however, it will not change more than 5%.

Have you got longer stones?

Most of the stones are 3000 millimetres long, sometimes natural stones can be longer, up to 3030 millimetres. Longer countertops will come in separate parts according to the determined agreements during the measuring process. These pieces are conneted during mounting.

When is it possible to pay for the stones?

Transactions should be made by transfers or cash usually a few days after the installation of the stones. Our company does not charge before we have finished our work.

What kind of stones qualify for the kitchen?

You can use all the materials from our stock for the kitchen, beause they are heat- and frost-resistant. Granite or magmatic stone from the nature can resist all kinds of liquids. Limestone and marble are intolerant acidic drinks like vinegar or wine. Hot spices can leave stains on composite rock, you should not use sharp cutlery on the latter.

What are your working hours?

We work at weekends and in the evenings, because lots of our clients cannot be home during work hours.

What is your delivery time?

After our customer has requested the order we supply our products in 10 days.

Can I see stone samples?

Our representative brings along stone samples during the measuring process.

Where do you get your materials?

Natural stones are brought from different locations of the world, for example Grey Bohus comes from Sweden, Granite Blue Pearl from Finland and Norway, Carrara marble from Italy and composite rock from Czech Republic.